KM Tractors
Brand :
John Deere
No. Of Cylinder :
3 Cylinder
Transmission :
HP Category :
75 HP
Gear Box :
9 Forward + 3 Reverse
Brakes :
Self Adjusting, Self equalizing, Hydraulically Actuated, Oil Immersed disk brakes
Warranty :
5 Years
Clutch :

John Deere 5075 is a powerful 75 HP tractor equipped with advanced technology. Its powerful turbocharged engine delivers higher lift capacity and unmatched power is suitable for all heavy-duty applications.

Look Out For :

  • High back up torque for heavy duty applications
  • Power steering for effortless driving
  • Self-adjusting, self-equalizing Oil immersed disc brakes for higher safety and less maintenance



High engine back up torque            
? No frequent gear change is required during variable field conditions            
? Ability of tractor to run at low possible erpm with higher gear selection            
? Improves operators comfort level & increases his productivity, which enables him to work for longer hours            
9F/3R or 12F/4R Synchromesh/Collar shift
? Easy-to-use transmission which saves time and effort            
? Synchromesh transmission is designed to match the excellent power and torque characteristics of John Deeres powerful engines.            
? Transmission is characterized as top-shaft synchronized (TSS), as forward shifting on the go between speeds.            
  This technology equalizes the speed of gears, thus allowing smooth coupling.            
Power Steering            
? Enhanced operator comfort            
? Ensures low driving fatigue for operators even after long working hours            
? Power steering utilizes common transmission oil, so no routine check is required and provides high durability            
Oil Immersed Disk Brake            
? It has low maintenance and long life            
? Dissipates heat during braking operations hence enhancing life of the brake disc            
? Improves braking efficiency            
Planetary Gear            
? Planetary gear reduction for heavy duty transmission and lesser maintenance.            
? Suitable for all kinds of major applications in India.            
Selective Control Valve            
? SCV and dual / reverse PTO suits for hydraulic and PTO operated implements.            
? Creeper speed for specialty application like mulching can be done with ease            
Optional Features            
? 4WD Front Axle            
? Power Reverser            
? Top Shaft Synchro(TSS)            
? Dual / Reverse PTO            
? Without rockshaft            
? EQRL            
? Single SCV            
? ROPS            
? Front & Rear Tire options            
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